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Fronius AW5000 water cooled mig torch
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Fronius AW5000 water cooled mig torch


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  • Fronius

  • Tonyweld

  • 85159000

  • Fronius AW5000 water cooled mig torch

  • fronius

  • 1piece a plastic box

  • 3M or 4M or 5M or according to customer request

  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • fronius / euro connector

  Fronius AW5000 water cooled mig torch 

AW 5000 Water Cooled Welding Torch

Technical Data: Rating: 500A CO2/400A Mixed Gases

Duty Cycle:100%

Wire Size:1.0-1.6mm
No. Description Order

AW5000 3.5m Water Welding Torch Euro Connector  4.035.604.001

AW5000 4.5m Water Welding Torch Euro Connector  4.035.605.001

AW5000 3.5m Water Welding Torch Fronius Connector  4.035.604.000

AW5000 4.5m Water Welding Torch Fronius Connector  4.035.605.000

A Nozzle φ15*79mm  42.0001.5129

Nozzle φ17*79mm  42.0001.5128

Nozzle φ20*79mm  42.0001.5127

Nozzle φ17*74.5mm  42.0001.5607

Nozzle φ17*79mm  42.0001.5130
B Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*0.8mm  42.0001.1576

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*0.9mm  42.0001.3277

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*1.0mm  42.0001.1577

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*1.2mm  42.0001.1578

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*1.4mm  42.0001.1930

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*1.6mm  42.0001.1579

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*1.8mm  42.0001.2314

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*2.0mm  42.0001.1662

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*2.4mm  42.0001.1663

Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*40*3.2mm  42.0001.5413

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*0.9mm  42.0001.5405

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*1.0mm  42.0001.5289

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*1.2mm  42.0001.5005

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*1.4mm  42.0001.5059

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*1.6mm  42.0001.5060

Contact Tip AL CuCrZr M10*40*1.8mm  42.0001.5061
C Gas Diffuser  42.0100.1007
D Contact Tip Holder  42.0001.5122
E Insulator  42.0100.1016
F Nozzle Retainer  42.0001.2970
G Fronius Liner Steel 1.2-1.6mm 3.5m  42.0404.0182

Fronius Liner Steel 1.2-1.6mm 4.5m  42.0404.0183

Fronius Liner Steel 1.6mm 3.5m  42.0404.0184

Fronius Liner Steel 1.6mm 4.5m  42.0404.0185

No. Description Order
1 Swan Neck 45°  34.0350.1820
2 Front Handle  42.0405.0660
3 Switch  43.0002.0386
4 Cable Ball Joint & Support Spring Water 500.0233
5 Gas Hose Red φ5*8 Units:100m  40.0001.0310
5-1 Hose Clamp φ8.7mm  42.0407.0284
6 Water Hose Blue φ5*8 Units:100m  40.0001.0310
6-1 Hose Clamp φ9.0mm  42.0407.0272
7 Wire Conduit 3.5m  44.0350.1818

Wire Conduit 4.5m  44.0350.1819
8 Power Cable 3.5m  43.0004.0109

Power Cable 4.5m  43.0004.0110
9 Control Cable 2-pole 3.5m  43.0004.1160

Control Cable 2-pole 4.5m  43.0004.1161
9-1 Trigger Wire Connector  43.0003.0217
9-2 Trigger Wire Connector Control Lead Plug  43.0004.1257
10 Outer Cover φ25×1.5 3.5m  44.0350.1804

Outer Cover φ25×1.5 4.5m  44.0350.1805
11 Water Outlet Hose Red φ5*8  40.0001.0310
12 Plug Nipple ND 5mm  42.0001.1506
13 Fastener Cap Red  42.0405.0548R
13-1 Fastener Cap Blue  42.0405.0548B
14 Rear Handle  42.0405.0655
15 Rear Connector Nut  42.0405.0560
16 Central Connector Water Cooled  34.0350.1190
17 Liner Steel Positioner Nut 1.6mm  42.0001.0084
18 Liner Teflon Positioner Combi  42.0001.5412
18-1 Liner Teflon Positioner Nut  42.0400.1025

Fronius  mig torch fronius connector 


* 1 piece  Fronius AW5000 water cooled mig torch   package in a carton 

Our Sevice

* timely online  24 hours .

* sample order /trail order is available . 

*supply the qualified products. 

*after -sale service  

*processing  customer's sample . 



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