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Delicious food Steamed Dumplings
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Delicious food Steamed Dumplings

Views: 13     Author: Lacy Liu      Publish Time: 2018-04-14      Origin: Site


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Happy Weekend - Saturday  Enjoy the holiday 

Today Lacy here introduce the delicious food --- Steamed Dumplings to you . 

How to make Steamed Dumplings ? 

Step 1 : Take a large dish and put it in flour, stir it with chopsticks and add water to add water. Water and powder can also be poured into the bakery to stir


Step 2. It is very important to knead the face with a hand, and this step is very important. It must be hard to knead a little bit with patience and strength. The dough is mixed into a smooth surface, and it has tenacity. In this way, the skin can be rolled so thin that the bread machine can not be replaced by the bread machine, because the bread machine is not rubbed with water.


Step 3: make delicious meat . 

The lean proportion of 2:8 pork is chopped into mud or winch and is rotted. It is seasoned with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, pepper and salt. Mix well in one direction, and add a small amount of soup in a small amount.

Every time the stock is added to one direction and stir the meat completely absorbed soup, good meat mix of fine green onion


Step 4:Wake up face twisted into a circle, divided into about 10 grams of amount of dough, 250 grams of powder, it can be done around 40 


Step 5. Roll the dough with a stick roll thin, try to roll a little thin bag filling.


Step 6.The small steamed bun will be put into the steamed basket with anti sticky cloth, and there will be enough distance between the bag and the bag. When it is steamed, it will be flooded and steam for 10 minutes.


Step 7. Finshed 


On weekend ,can try to make the delicious food with your family member ,enjoy cooking enjoy good time . 

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