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Plasma consumables
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Plasma consumables

Views: 12     Author: Lacy Liu      Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: Site


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Hello , 

This is Lacy from Tonyweld.Co.Ltd . 

Today I recommend the best-selling plasma cutting torch and consumables to you . 

  1. Hypertherm plasma consumables (powermax65/85/105 / powermax1250 / powermax1650  / powermax30 / powermax45 / Mx200 / Maxpro200 / HSD130 /HPR130/130XD /HPR 260XD / HPR400XD

2. p31 plasma cutting torch and parts 

3.AG60/SG55 plasma cutting torch and parts 

4.Trafimet plasma cutting torch and parts ( Trafimet A141 / trafimet A101 / trafimet S75 / trafimet S105 / trafimet S125 / CB150 / CB70 /CB50 / Trafimet A81 / 

5. Esab plasma cutting torch and parts |(PT17 /PT27 /PT37 /PT60 )


If any interests ,pls feel free to me ,Thank you very much in advance . 

Yours truly
Lacy Liu

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