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International Holiday Pure Brightness Festival

Views: 6     Author: Lacy Liu      Publish Time: 2018-04-03      Origin: Site

Here Changzhou Tonyweld.Co.Ltd-----A profseeional supplier of tig welidng torch and parts & mig welding torch and parts ,plasma cutting torch and parts and other welding consumables .Our hypertherm plasma consumablkes suac as 220842 electrode and 220777 electrode  and 220990 nozzle and 220819 nozzle and 220816 nozzle and 220817 plasma shield and 220818 shield and 220992 shield   is best-selling products . The reasonable price and reliable quality .


  1. And have a good thing we have international holiday --------   Pure Brightness Festival QingMing Festival that we have 3 days holiday . and before holiday the workshop and warehouse staff is busy for produce & packing products etc ,in order to customer can fast received the goods before holiday.Meet customers demand .  Customer first ,Quality is always our policy .  

2.The holiday is not only a festival for people to honor their ancestors, but also for remembering the martyrs. It is also a link between the Chinese nation and the ancestors. Look at your shortcomings, correct yourself and drive future generations. Understanding the value of life, our ancestors left stock removal leaves, shoots retained for reference, promote positive energy. From generation to generation, the clear correction day is 4-6 in April.

3. People can on holiday Outing /  Insert willow /  Recreation /  To swing / Fly a kite etc 

Purchase Hypertherm plasma consumables and mig & tig welding torch and parts and other plasma cutting torch and parts ,pls feel free to me .Thank you very much in advance . 

Customer first ,Quality is always our policy  . 

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